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Working on getting more strips up, faster! I'll catch up, eventually!

In the mean time, I'm going to upload that promised Character Index in the near future, so stay tuned!
I'm also tweaking the comic pages slightly to be a little more... aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks for sticking with the comic in the mean time!


Sorry for the lack of updates, schoolwork's getting in the way of comic-ing = P
So, while you wait for the story line to catch up, I'm posting a mini-Valentines Day Series!
(This series takes place at Rourkie's mail job, incase any of you were confused.)
To help aleviate some of this confusion, I will be compiling a page of characters shortly for your benefit.
Until then, happy reading!


We're back! Again!

Going through an overhaul with my storyline and style so that this comic can be finally up and running and done the RIGHT way.
I'll try to get up as many strips as possible as soon as possible so you all aren't bored.
Then we'll probably start doing a Monday, Wedneday, Friday thing with the posts.

Hope you all enjoy!

Oh, and check out the forum for further updates.

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