Below is a comprehensive list of characters, organized by location, and their original appearence
As the series expands, so will this list.

If a character hasn't actually shown up in the comic yet, but is listed below,
there's a good chance they'll be making an appearance soon.

Hopefully this will help!

Main Characters:
Full Name: Rourke Patrick Danyals
Preferred Name: Rourkie
Species: Unknown* (Most likely Half Cat / Half Wolf)
Age: 22
Birthday: July 5, 1983

Obviously the protaganist of our story.

We know so far that he goes to Metropolis College (not to be confused with Metropolis University), and works several jobs.

*Rourkie was adopted. He can guess at what his species is/are, but doesn't have any real way of knowing for sure.

Lesson 1 - A New Beginning:
School - Metropolis College
Name: Cameron McTennor
Species: Mostly Otter / Part Dog - Scottish Terrier
Age: 20

Cameron and Rourkie have been in a number of school clubs together. Rourkie took a liking to Cameron despite his initial reservations, and they've been good friends since - even if Cameron does try Rourkie's patience every once in a while.

Name: (Unknown)
Species: Dog - Mutt

This Dog and Rourkie know each other in passing. They were both in the same instrument section when Rourkie was in Marching Band. (We may or may not discover his name later in the comic, but as it's pretty much unimportant in terms of the story, it doesn't really matter for the time being.)

Work - Furman Communications
Name: Rachel Runner
Species: Cheetah
Age: 23

Rachel is technically Rourkie's supervisor (he basically just reports to her when he goes into work) - but their closeness in age pretty much allows them to be friends despite their status difference.

Rachel can seem to be hyperactive at times, but she really just loves to talk with everyone about anything at all.

Rachel is basically where Rourkie would be in terms of his career - had he actually graduated on time.

Name: Dave (David) Carroll
Species: Dog - Great Dane
Age: 26

Dave is Rachel's Co-worker at Furman. They were hired within a week of one another, causing them to become good friends over the course of their training. 

At first, Dave can seem a bit cynical, but once you get to know him, it's clear that he's really rather optimistic - when he's not being a realist.



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